Since our humble beginning in 2004, AlphaDog Solutions Inc. (ADS) has established itself as a leader in government technology and communications. While the company currently enjoys a constantly expanding portfolio of public sector clients, including 12 municipal governments, two county offices, the State PBA and a host of other public organizations, AlphaDog still retains an equally impressive list of private sector clients. It's this dedication to the private sector that keeps the AlphaDog team abreast of the latest technology and current trends.

Michael Melham, President, ADS

While nearly 70% of our business is public sector, I'm often asked why we still work in the private sector. To me it’s always been very simple, my experience in local government tells me that when private companies, (i.e. engineering firms, law firms, etc) work exclusively in the public sector, they eventually become as inefficient as those vendors who only work in government. For this reason, AlphaDog has been dedicated to retaining a certain portion of our clientele in the private sector. It just helps our team stay current. Michael Melham, President, ADS

Michael Melham Bio

While Michael Melham has worked in the Information Technology and Communications industry for nearly two decades, he is a self-described non-techie. Seeing himself more as a productive innovator rather than a creative dreamer, Melham believes that his vision of future trends will never be hindered by his knowledge and the current limitations of technology.

A 'spammer' before it was even called spam, Melham got his start sending 'unsolicited bulk email' in the late 90's. Since then, Melham has used his keen eye for design and organizational skills to amass a distinguished reputation among both colleagues and clients.

As one of the first county webmasters in the country, Melham's experience in government continued as he was elected City Councilman at the age of 25.

Melham has been featured in Public CIO Magazine about the future of municipal websites, and was celebrated for his vast experience and knowledge of local government and technology. He has also a featured author in NJ League of Municipalities Magazine.

In November 2005, Melham was voted one of NJ BIZs Forty Rising Stars Under the Age of 40, and was honored to be a judge for the 2010 Pinnacle Awards presented by the National Association of Government Webmasters in St. Louis. Melham has also been a speaker at several national conventions.

Melham has a BA in Communications from William Paterson University, and is currently seeking his Masters in Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.