Political Action (GOTV)

Why AlphaDog?

AlphaDog's Political Action services include exclusive offerings of our proprietary election software, in-house developed War Room Technology and organizational GOTV.

AlphaDog was a National Finalist of the Reed Awards for the creation of mail in ballot tracking system used in a County-wide election.

Political Action (GOTV)

District Lists

A web based, user-friendly way for volunteers to work, at home and at their own pace identifying likely voters for an upcoming election.

Once campaign volunteers complete the identification process, the District Lists software will print many different customized reports. These reports, which are the backbone of the GOTV effort, can also be used to remind likely voters of the upcoming election and generate targeted “ROBO” calls.


Our web-based software was created to target and track voters who don’t traditionally vote when there is no major candidate on the ballot (1 of 4's & 2 of 4's).

The Software identifies and targets the votes of historically, nonvoters. Urging these non-voters to cast a ballot would mean that each and every vote received would be an "extra vote", not a vote that would have originally been cast, in effect increasing voter turnout.

War Room Technology

AlphaDog has relied on years of political experience coupled with our vast knowledge of communication and technology to create War Room Technology.

This technology will track, in real-time, election day voters and create dynamic reports.

Watch and count votes in real time from the comfort of your campaign headquarters while seeing a complete list of still outstanding targeted voters.