Additional Services

Social Media

Your website may not be enough. As always word of mouth has always been the most effective tool of a successful business, and nothing gets the word out faster than social media.

AlphaDog has successfully embedded social media applications as part of our content management services. We develop state-of-the-art social communications programs to help our clients maximize visibility and further develop their brand.

We deliver integrated, flexible, and tailored communications programs for our clients by connecting with various media strategies including popular social media (such as Twitter and Facebook), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, keyword-rich web pages.

Our social communications media feeds can easily be embedded within your existing website through simple RSS. Once incorporated into your existing website, every update or post made to any of the major social networking websites will immediately be displayed on your existing website.

Payment Services / Credit Card Processing

AlphaDog offers payment services and credit card processing including web based payments, web based registration and payments, Terminal Transaction (Courts, etc), Payment Integrations, and Kiosk Payments. Our online payment services can accessed 24/7, offers a secure control panel, and you receive 100% of your fees.

Know where your money goes with our ADS Settlement Procedures. Through our proprietary settlement procedure we have the ability to offer our public sector clients customized account services that most major banks cannot including invoices from ADS outlining payments for services. Our Settlement Procedure has been approved and labeled a “Best Practice” by DiMaria and DiMaria, a municipal auditing firm with 72 years of experience.

We also offer free self-service Kiosks with sponsorship program, and terminals that are a perfect solution for municipal courts, competitive rates, reduced collection costs.